The National Driver Register (NDR) contains only a listing of names and related identification, provided by State driver licensing officials, of those whose driver licenses have been cancelled, denied, revoked, or suspended or you have been convicted of certain serious traffic violations. The NDR does not contain a list of any other drivers. If you have not had a driver license cancelled, denied, revoked or suspended or you have not been convicted of serious traffic violations, you would not be listed in the NDR. Every individual is entitled, however, to request a check of the NDR records to determine whether they appear in the NDR file.

NDR will respond to every valid NDR inquiry. The record content for those persons who are listed in the NDR files is limited to identification of the state(s) which have taken action to cancel, deny, revoke, or suspend or have records of conviction of serious traffic violations.

Any specific information about the driver history, or request for the entire driver history, may be obtained from the states(s) where the detailed information is recorded. The state(s) maintaining records are the (only) contacts able to correct records in error, and the NDR will correct its pointer records when so advised by a state indicating that a report previously made to the NDR is in error.

If the NDR has a record on you, the full record will be copied and sent to you including any older records, which may have contained a reason for license cancellation, denial, revocation, or suspension. In addition, if such information has been disclosed by the NDR, the recipient of the information will also be identified.

The name and address of the State driver license official will be provided for each state listed as having reported information on you to the NDR.

After you receive the NDR Record from the Department of Transportation it may be necessary for you to file forms with the individual State or States that may be listed. All States and their respective forms are listed on this website.

We have the road map and you can use it!

The record from the NDR is a road map that will show you what state(s) have your records. Now that it is understood where the records really are, you need to obtain them by filing with the state and obtaining your records.

Look at the NDR report to see which state(s) you need to file with.. If there is only one state listed, you need to contact the respective state by downloading their form(s), completing them and then mailing them in.

NOTE: You can download most state forms at www.nationaldriverregistery.com for a convenience fee of $20 per form.

TIP on Mailing Your Forms
You never want to send a completed form to a state by using the USPS. Instead, use Fedex, UPS or DHL and you will know the exact day that they received your forms etc. This way, no one at the state DMV can tell you that they didn’t receive it.

Use FEDEX, UPS or DHL AND make sure that the person has to sign for it!

We understand and we are prepared to help you. Send us an email to info@nationaldriverregister.com and ask that one of our specialists contact you. In you email, include all of your contact information (Name, Phone, Email Address and Mailing Address)

Here is the other steps you will need to follow:

  • Email us the NDR report
  • If it says you have a record in one state, download only that state form.
  • If more than one state, download the forms for each state.

TIP On Finding and Downloading State Forms
As a convenience service to save the public time and frustration, the NationalDriverRegistry.com website has most state forms available for purchase for only $20. Click on “State Forms” in the main menu to search for the forms that you need.

As part of the National Driver Register, the Problem Driver Pointer System (PDPS) maintains a record of all individuals whose driving privilege is sanctioned in another state(s). Your State uses PDPS to determine if drivers, who are looking to obtain a driver’s license have any outstanding driver sanctions in other states.

As required by the Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act (MCSIA), all States must check driving records in other states as part of this federal mandate to ensure unsafe drivers are removed from the road and prevent these unsafe drivers from masking driver sanctions by moving from state to state.

Anyone who has an outstanding driver sanction(s) in another state(s) will be affected by this federal mandate. All States will check the National Driver Register before issuing any individual a commercial or non-commercial driver’s license product.

Your State will perform a courtesy check of NDR both six months and three months prior to the expiration of your driver’s license. If a sanction(s) is found, they will mail a notification letter to you (both at six months, and if necessary, three months prior to your driver’s license expiration) providing the name of the state(s) where there is a sanction(s) on your driving record, along with your driver’s license number relevant to the sanction and the state’s contact information so that you can follow up with that state(s) to get the sanction(s) resolved. Most States are doing this to give you advance notice in order to clear up any out-of-state sanction(s) in advance of renewing your driver’s license.

For all other commercial and non-commercial driver’s license products, including replacements (duplicates) and learner’s permits, the NDR check will be performed prior to the issuance of the product. If you have been sanctioned in another state(s), you will be unable to obtain a driver’s license until you reconcile that sanction(s). Therefore, it is imperative that you contact the state(s) where you have the sanction(s) immediately.

Effective immediately, prior to the issuance of any commercial or non-commercial driver’s license product, all States will be checking NDR to see if the driver has any outstanding driving sanction(s) in another state(s).

There is no time limit. Any sanction on your driving record in another state(s) needs to be cleared before any State can issue you a driver’s license product, including a learner’s permit.

You must contact the state(s) in question to reconcile the sanction(s). Once your driving record has been cleared in the other state(s), that state will update NDR and you will be able to obtain a driver’s license, including a learner’s permit.

Time will vary depending on the sanction(s) you have to reconcile in the other state(s).

There is no additional cost the driver will need to pay. If another state(s) requires any fees to restore your driving privilege, you will need to comply with their restoration procedures.

You must first reconcile your sanction with the other state(s). You were mailed a renewal application in anticipation of you taking the necessary steps to clear your driving record in the other state(s). If you submit your application while your driving privilege is still sanctioned in another state(s), you will be unable to renew your driver’s license. All States will not renew your driver’s license until NDR shows your driving record is clear in all states.

Each State makes their own determination about issuing ‘work licenses’ or ‘probationary licenses’


You should ask the other State to send you a ‘Clearance Letter’. Then send a copy of that ‘letter’ to the State where you wish to obtain a license.

Usually this will be possible, check with your States driver license department.